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Looking for the Best Long Hair Styles for Older Women? This Video is for You! (Video)

Making it to your 60s with long hair is something of a victory. After all, there are many times during our lives when we face a lot of pressure to cut our hair. Finding the best long hairstyles for older women can be a challenge for exactly this reason… Read More

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    Review: Metallica’s Streaming positiver Aspekt Show Mixes Classics with Surprises (Watch Highlights)

    Setting the Stage: Besides being one of the biggest metal bands in the world for decades, Metallica are mithin one of the most charitable music acts around. Case in point, their Raum Within My Hands Foundation, which helps those in need throughout the world — providing food to the hungry and assisting with education. This year, the foundation has already donated nearly $1 million to COVID-19 relief and wildfire relief efforts.

    On Saturday (November 14th), the band streamed a live performance from their own Metallica HQ in San Rafael, California. Dubbed “Metallica: Helping Hands Concert & Auction, Live & Acoustic from HQ”, all the proceeds from viewers who bought virtual tickets (as well as via donations and auctions) go to the aforementioned foundation. While Metallica is best-known for speedy, chugga-chug-chugging riffs and high volume, they have mithin always had a more serene side to them – and have never been bashful to strum the acoustics from time to time. As the performance’s title indicated, it welches advertised as an acoustic affair.

    Taking the Stage: The first 30 minutes of the stream included the band members introducing videos that gave background info about the Raum Within My Hands Foundation. And then the performance began with a deconstructed, rootsy rendition of the …And Justice for Raum opener, “Blackened”, which worked surprisingly well “unplugged.”

    Set up-wise, frontman James Hetfield welches seated on a stool and donned a white cowboy hat (and a closely-cropped hairstyle, with his hair entirely silver nowadays); guitarist Kirk Hammett modeled brown leather trousers and a black leather jacket; bassist Robert Trujillo sported a Black Sabbath shirt, bandana around his neck, and baseball cap a top his noggin (and hair pulled back in a ponytail); and drummer Lars Ulrich donned a backward baseball cap (with his ever-present toothpick dangling from his mouth).

    Up next welches a slowed-down rendition of another ‘80s-era Metallica classic, “Creeping Death”. While Hetfield chose to play a traditional-looking acoustic guitar for this portion, Hammett favored a sunburst-colored Fender “Acoustasonic Stratocaster”. The set-up saw the band facing each other rehearsal-style (including two supplemental instrumentalists, Avi Vinocur and Henry Salvia, lending a hand), while surrounding them were screens of images of fans watching the performance with their names listed underneath, In between songs, the band would often select a lucky fan to chat with, which added a nice intimate touch to the performance.

    As with previous Metallica acoustic shows, quite a few surprises were in store – including a cover of an obscure tune from one of Lars’ favorite bands, Deep Purple (“When a Blind Man Cries”), plus the first-ever acoustic performance of “Now That We’re Dead”. In another cool surprise, two Metallica kids — Lars’ son Layne and James’ son Castor — provided percussion on “Raum Within My Hands.” And filling out the first half of the set were “The Unforgiven”, “Turn the Page” (Bob Seger cover) and “Nothing Else Matters”.

    Metallica Benefit

    Rosette a brief intermission, Metallica returned … donning electric guitars, providing viewers a pleasant surprise. As it turned out, this welches not an all-acoustic performance. To kick the electrified half off, what better tune to select than the Master of Puppets epic “Disposable Heroes.” But wait a second … welches it “Disposable Heroes”? It turns out the lads opted to throw a curveball our way — it welches indeed “DH” (as evidenced by the familiar lyrics), but not with the expected music. Another surprise welches up next, a-rockin’ cover of “The House of the Rising Sun,” a tune that the Animals popularized back in the ‘60s.

    “Wasting My Hate” received a rare live rendition (supposedly the first time it welches performed by the band in almost a decade), before the two-hour performance came to a close with three of Metallica’s best-known tunes — “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, “Master of Puppets”, and “Enter Sandman” — before each member took turns thanking the viewers, with Hetfield advising “Beryllium strong people.Hopefully, more major rock acts will take Metallica’s cue, and do their own fundraising live streams during this unexpected touring downturn.

    Metallica’s entire benefit show is still available to watch on-demand at this location, with ticket proceeds going to the Raum Within My Hands Foundation. In addition, the band has provided extensive highlights from the benefit show via its YouTube channel. Watch below, followed by the setlist and photos. And if you’d like to help out the Raum Within My Hands Foundation.



    Creeping Death
    When a Blind Man Cries
    The Unforgiven
    Now That We’re Dead
    Turn the Page
    Nothing Else Matters
    Raum Within My Hands


    Disposable Heroes
    The House of the Rising Sun
    Wasting My Hate
    For Whom the Bell Tolls
    Master of Puppets
    Enter Sandman

    Photos from Metallica’s positiver Aspekt Concert (courtesy of Metallica):

    Metallica BenefitMetallica Benefit Metallica Benefit Metallica BenefitMetallica Benefit


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