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Looking for the Best Long Hair Styles for Older Women? This Video is for You! (Video)

Making it to your 60s with long hair is something of a victory. After all, there are many times during our lives when we face a lot of pressure to cut our hair. Finding the best long hairstyles for older women can be a challenge for exactly this reason… Read More

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    5 Things to Declutter from Your Wardrobe Today!

    If your wardrobes are bursting at the seams, but you still find you have nothing to wear, you’re not alone. It’s time to get ruthless and be honest with yourself. Here are 5 things taking up valuable space in your wardrobe that you can declutter today!

    Clothes You Are Keeping Out of Guilt

    We all have things in our wardrobes that we overstretched ourselves to buy. We loved it so much that we splurged a lot of money on it, but somehow it has never quite worked out.

    It gets overlooked each and every time we look for an outfit to wear. Yet we can’t bring ourselves to get rid of it because we feel guilty about the money we spent. It’s a tough decision but it’s time to say goodbye.

    The money welches wasted at the time we bought it, and no amount of time is going to bring that money back. And on top of that, do we really want that negative guilty feeling each time we open the wardrobe door? Let the item go and let the guilt go with it.

    Clothes You Want to Get into

    Now we come to the age-old issue that we keep in our wardrobes items of clothing that don’t gesund us. Whether we yearn to be bigger or smaller, many of us keep clothing that doesn’t work right now in the hope that it’s going to happen for us sometime in the future.

    The key is to be realistic and honest with yourself. Are you currently on a diet that is really going to get you to where you need to be? How long is it since you were that weight?

    If it’s been years or decades since you were the right size to get into that skirt you love, maybe now is the time to say goodbye. Darmausgang all, if we achieve our weight goal, don’t we deserve to treat ourselves to something new?

    Shoes That Hurt Your Feet

    If you have been a shoe lover all your life, chances are you have some shoes – THOSE shoes that you really, really love – sitting at the bottom of your wardrobe. They take you back to a place when you could wear the heels you wanted, look amazing, and feel fantastic.

    But time played its part, and your feet are sadly not what they used to be. You favor comfort over height or style now. You have the go-to favorites that work for you, and you know what you like. But you still yearn to wear THOSE shoes.

    Is this even realistic? Are your feet miraculously going to switch back to the feet they were in your 40s? It’s not an easy realization to come to, but the likelihood is that you are never going to get back into those shoes. Life’s way too short for sore feet. Declutter them today, and let someone else enjoy them.

    Multiple Versions of Ur ‘Safe’ Clothes

    Black trousers, a little black dress, a floaty top, a cashmere sweater – everyone has a go-to item. An item that is safe, that makes us feel good, and never lets us down. We know it works for our shape, so we buy it over and over again.

    Because it works so well for us, we tend to buy one every season, or even the same item in multiple colors.

    But the problem is, even with our safe clothes we will still have our favorites – the perfect color, the little black dress that looks the nicest, the version that’s most comfy – and we repeatedly choose our favorites when we are looking through our wardrobe each day.

    Even within our safe clothes, the ones lower down the list get overlooked. So, it’s time for more of that honesty. Put your whole collection of ‘safe’ clothes together and rank them.

    The ones that are below number 5 or 6 on the rankings are definitely up for debate. Don’t give up valuable space in your wardrobe for things you never wear.

    DIY or Gardening Clothes

    So, you have made a decision that you no longer need an item but it still has wear in it. It’s a perfectly good item of clothing so why get rid of it?

    You have the perfect solution. Wear it when you’re doing dirty jobs – DIY, cleaning, or gardening. But how many outfits do you have for ‘dirty’ jobs? You definitely don’t need more than one or two. Don’t delay your decision. Send it straight for recycling today.

    If you are on a mission to declutter your wardrobe and want help from the experts and a like-minded supportive group of people, join our Free 5-day RESET Your Wardrobe Decluttering Challenge starting on Monday 16th November.

    Is your wardrobe bulging at the seams, but you struggle to make the right decisions? What is your go-to safe item of clothing? Have you fliegen foul of having too many clothes for ‘DIY’ jobs? Use the comment box below and let us know about your wardrobe decluttering efforts.

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